Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping at Pinegrove Campground by Mormon Lake

We finally took the kids on their first camping trip. We knew they would just love it doing the day but wasn't to sure how they would do when it got dark and going to bed. When it got dark, we had to have the lantern on because they didn't like just sitting by the campfire. They did surprise us though when it came time to go to bed. They were so excited to go to bed. they had no problem going in the tent by themselves, while Dennis and I stayed up by the campfire. We thought they would just play in the tent and not actually go to bed but they didn't. They went right to sleep. They also had their first experience of drinking a root beer straight from the can. I have always given it to them in a sippy cup. It was funny watching them try and figure it out. Belle didn't even want to try, she just got a straw. Kaleigha was sooo funny. She was trying to put both the bottom and top lip on top of the hole and slurp it out. She just had to laugh at herself when we told her to put her bottom lip on the side of the can and found out how easy it was. Cordale he got his lips on the can correctly but he didn't stand the can back up before moving it away from his mouth and spilled it down the front of him. I posted some pictures of this. We also had the opportunity to see a Doe come in the field behind our camp. The kids really thought that was cool. They also got to roast marshmallows. They weren't to sure of that because they didn't like getting close enough to the fire to cook it. So mom and dad ended up roasting for them. Then they figured out they didn't like them that way. They are much better just out of the bag. Maybe when they get older they will realise how good roasted marshmallows are. We had only planned on staying two nights but the kids liked it so much they begged to stay another night. So we did. They are already talking about our next trip camping. It was nice to get out of the heat and go some where cooler for a couple of days. I think we will be going camping a lot more.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

WHY ME???????

Things have been going well for us lately(a little to well). Cordale is doing so good. He doesn't have to go to therapy any more and they are weaning him off his medicine. So that has freed up a lot of my time. Also, my work has been really slow. So I found I had some free time on my hands(finally). So I got all my scrapbook stuff out to finally start my kids scrapbooks that I haven't been able to do yet. I also, was released from Nursery back in December and have only been a substitute teacher for primary since and haven't been needed a whole lot. Anyway, I think Heavenly Father decided my life was just to easy right now and that I needed it to be more challenging. (and boy he did it this time) I was called to be the 1st counselor in the Relief Society(SCARY!!!!!!). I have received so many mixed emotions since they called me. At one moment I am excited about something new for me and then I get really scared and then I keep asking "Why me?" there are so many other MORE qualified women out there. Anyway, when Bro. Christensen asked me if I would be in the RS, I hesitated for a minute because I was shocked. For one, the presidency hadn't been in there very long so I didn't have any idea they were already rearranging the presidency. Then I thought to myself, Why Me? I can't do this. I know nothing about the RS because I have always been in the primary. Then about that time, I got this overwhelming warm feeling come over me and I knew that Bro. Christiansen felt it as well and I knew this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do. So there was no way I could say no. Since then, I have been unable to get this off my mind and still trying to figure out "Why me?" I may never know, but for now I think this calling is more for me then anyone. It is a motivation for me to become the person I should be. All my life I thought the RS presidency was always older women that were very righteous and are to set an example for the other ladies in the ward. Well, this tells me I must be old now and I definitely need to make changes so I can fulfill the (righteous example) part. Don't get me wrong, in some areas I do pretty well, but in other areas I need major improvement. Anyway, I hope I don't let anyone down(especially myself).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Field trip to Tolmachoff Farms with Preschool

Belle's 3rd Birthday!

Kids Riding Their New Bikes

Monday, March 9, 2009

Twins 4th Birthday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

WOW! I can't beleive I've neglected this website for the month of February. We have been busy. I have a ton of pictures I need to post and haven't yet. But first to give a little update on our month, (then I will post some pictures). We spent the first part of the month dealing with trying to keep Dennis' van running, but was unsucessful. We finally got an estimate on getting it fixed and found out it was going to cost us quite a bit more to fix it then it was worth. So after many prayers and thought we decided we were going to have to trade it in and get Dennis a reliable vehicle bacause it was just to hard working around one vehicle. (to many doctor appointments) Anyway Dennis is pretty happy now, he finally got his truck he has only wanted for years.

We also celebrated our 10th aniversary on the 12th. Can you beleive it? I still can't. It has gone by so fast. We had a wonderful celebration. We got a babysitter for the kids (first time the kids have stayed with someone besides family). Dennis first bought me 36red roses. Then took me out to eat dinner at a restaurant that you would only go to once in a life time because it is so expensive. But it was the best meal I have ever eaten. It was a wonderful evening. I thought I wouldn't even enjoy it because I would just worry about how the kids were doing but I will have to say that I never worried all night long and it was the most enjoyable night away from the kids. When we got back, the kids were sad the babysitter had to go home and they ask if she can come back all the time. So hopefully we will do this more often.

For Valentines day, Cordale and Kaleigha had a valentines party at the park with their preschool class that Belle and I got to attend. (Belle thought she was special to get to go) they learned all about exchanging valentine cards and decorate boxes to put them in. They just loved it.

Then, last week Cordale and Kaleigha had a field trip day at school and I went to help along with Belle. We went to a Farm. The farmer talked to them about different vegetables in his feilds and let them go out and pick these vegetables to take homse. The adults even got a grocery bag full. So we came home with 4 full bags of fresh vegetables. It was nice other then their are some vegetables I had to find out from mom how to cook because I have never cooked them before (like turnips and beets). The kids loved being able to eat them after I cooked them. After they picked veggies, they got to plant watermelon seeds with the farmer. Then, the farmer took them on a train ride made with a 4wheeler as the engine that pulled along these man made barrel seats. Then we all brought picnic lunches and set at picnic table for lunch. They had a fun playground for the kids to play on and also a corn mill they got to lay in and make corn angels. They had a blast.

Then, this last week I have spent my time sick. I have had strep throat and trying to keep the kids away from me and not get them sick has been quite challenging. I hope we have been successful. Dennis has had to stay home from work to play mister mom. I think he is ready to go back to work. It's much easier.

So that about sums up our month. I have a bunch of pictures to get posted so hopefully I will have time this week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on the surgery

Cordale's little surgery went great. They really took care of him at the Children's Hospital. Dennis ended up taking him and I stayed home with the girls because they were both sick. I was going crazy wonder what was going on the whole time but everything went smoothly. Upon checkin they gave Cordale a bag that had a big stuff squirrel in it, along with a doll of the forest ranger on Tarzan. He also got an Ugly Duckling coloring book with markers and a puppet. So they kept him quite entertained. They put him to sleep with Strawberry gas. He told me it smelled good mom. He also said he went to sleep in one room and woke up in another room. When he woke up, they gave him an "orange" popcicle(his favorite), and his own baby sippy cup with water. He felt really special. His joints are really swollen now but they said that should go down in about 24-48 hours and then he should be normal. So, now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that their are no more flareups. We did get a little bit of bad news yesterday though before the surgery, Cordale's medicine is started to effect his liver. So they have started him on some folic acid. The doctor said the folic accid should help fix that. He will be continually monitoring it. Hopefully all will go well and we will be able to just wean him of the meds and not have to worry about it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cordale's Minor Surgery

Cordale has had some great improvement over the last couple of months. It has really been amazing to watch his improvements. But he is still experiencing some swelling and the doctor is worried it is going to start affecting his joints and stunt the growth at his age. So, he is scheduled for a minor surgery on Friday, 1/23/09. I say minor because I wouldn't really call it surgery. The doctor is just going to put an injection into his joints and draining the fluids. He has to do it in radiology because his joints are so small he needs the xray machine to guide him in the procedure. He will be doing his left middle finger, right thumb, left wrist, and right ankle joints. All of his other joints have currently healed. So that is good. Hopefully after this procedure, the joints will heal and then they will just have to wean him off his meds. There is still a chance he could have more outbreaks but there is also the other chance that this could be the end of the road. So of course we are praying for that. We appreciate all the prayers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Our 4 year era of buying cases and cases and cases of diapers has come to an end. Whaahoo!! Belle is finally potty trained. I don't know what it will be like to go to Sam's Club or Costco and not have to buy a case of diapers. In a way, I would rather keep buying diapers. It just gets a little nerve racking when were out at doctors appointments or running errands and we have to make a potty break every where we go for "3" kids. Sometimes, I thing it would just be more convenient for them to just have diapers on. But anyway, I'm proud of Belle taking this next step in her life (and right before her 3rd birthday!)