Sunday, November 23, 2008


Since my schedule is sooo crazy this week, I decided to take a minute now while I have the chance to write just a little Thanksgiving note. I think this Thanksgiving is probably going to be one of my most memorable Thanksgiving ever. Not only due to the fact that we will be spending Thanksgiving here in Arizona by ourselves instead of traveling to family(our first time without family), but also because my heart is sooooo full of gratitude this year. I am most grateful that Dennis decided to make a job change last year(even though at the time I thought he was crazy) and move us here. We do miss family in Utah, but this move has been the best thing for our family. With the economy the way it is, I'm very very very grateful for the secure job that Dennis has. I am so grateful we finally found a doctor that could diagnose Cordale correctly. So now we are on his road to recovery rather then still in search for help. Although he is 10 times more work and tries my patients more often now, I still love him and am grateful he is MY son. His illness has taught me a lot and I'm grateful for that. I learn new things each day. I'm grateful for Kaleigha always trying to be mom's little helper with Cordale. If mom's not around, I can always count her to take my role and Cordale and Belle love it. I'm grateful for Belle and all of her little hugs and kisses she gives me when I am soooo frustrated. She's always trying to make things better(even though she has her terrible 2 's tantrums every once in a while). I'm also very grateful that I have been able to still keep my job with Lake City Trucks for a year now even though I am no longer in Utah(hopefully this continues, those medical bills sure add up quickly). I'm soooo grateful for a wonderful husband that helps me keep my sanity and keeps me going every day. And on those days he is not here or at work, I am grateful for loving family that answer there phones so I can have a moment of sanity. And last but not least, I'm soooo very very grateful for my Savior and all that he has done for me. If it wasn't for him, no telling where I would be today with all the mistakes I make in my life. We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and know that we will be thinking of you all. Love ya'll!!

P.S. We can't wait for our 18 day trip coming up in December. We have prepared for this all year. We will be going to New Mexico to Granny and Grandpa Ivan's on 12/5 and staying until 12/12. Then we will be going to Sharon's house until 12/20ish. Then we will be coming home to spend Christmas in Arizona. The kids are soooo excited to go. They can't wait to see Granny and Grandpa Ivan and play out side on the bikes(they don't realize how cold it is there now). Then they can't stop talking about snow at Sharon's house so I hope it snows at least one day while we are there. Also they are soooo excited about going on the Polor Express in Utah. We hope we will still be able to get tickets to take them. They will really love it. I think they are more excited about their trip then they are about Santa Clause coming. Can't wait to see everyone!

Sundays at the Johnsons

Life at the Johnson's on Sunday mornings while mom and dad are getting ready for church.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Living with JIA!!!

Bandaids always make the "pokes" better!!
Cordale's new "Spiderman" glove that keeps his wrist extended while he is sleeping.

Cordale pretending to be "Spiderman" before he goes to bed.

For those of you who don't know, about 2 months ago Cordale was diagnosed with JRA(juvenile rheumatoid arthritis). He initially had it in 4 joints; right knee, right ankle, left wrist, and left middle finger. Then within 3 weeks later they found flare ups in 2 more joints which moved him to the second stage which is better know as JIA(juvenile idiopathic arthritis). He now has it also in his left knee and right thumb as well. Due to it spreading so quickly, his rheumatologist chose the agressive way to attack it and hopefully get it to stop spreading. Well, that resulted in Dennis and I having to give him a shot was a week. Yes, it absolutely kills us to have to do it. We just have to keep in mind how much it is helping him. Since he started the shots 4 weeks ago, he is no longer limping like he was and he can get out of bed on his own. (I use to have to go get him and carry him around for about an hour each morning until he could get his joints to moving again.) Lately, he has been a totally different kid and bouncing off the walls like most kids do. The only delima we are going though now is that his medication has made him anemic as well as very fatigued. So he has had a decline in potty training. He is just to tired to go to the potty and it sure makes mom and dad sooooo frustrated. Oh I should say that he will be on this medication until he is in remission for 6 months before the doctor will start taking him off of it. So he told us to plan on giving him shots on a weekly bases for at least a year. Also this week I found out that if he isn't better by his next appointment (it still spreading), then he wants to add another medication that will require even more shots. I feel so bad for him. It's already bad enough having to hold him down once a week for shot, let alone more. Anyway, they also put him in physical therapy 2 days a week. At therapy they gave him the Spiderman glove to wear at night so his wrist will stay extended and not stiffen up. He will also be getting some orthotics for his shoes to help with his ankle stiffening up. So our lives have been turned upside down in the last 2 months, with going to several doctor appointments, and therapy and then taking care of him at home on a daily bases.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Santa's Workshop

So, Dennis has really wanted to go the Bass Pro Shop ever since we have moved here and we haven't had a chance to go, until Friday. We figured we would go and see what it was like and spend maybe an hour or two at the most and leave. Well, when we arrived, we found out they had a Santa's workshop that just opened this week. It was so awesome. The kids loved it. They had a table where the kids were able to color a picture of Polar Express Train. Then, they got to go to another table and right a letter to Santa (which had a spot for the parents to fill out their email address and Santa would email them an answer to their letter that the parents can print out). Then they had a mail box that they got to put their letter in and raise the flag on. They also had some shooting target games the kids to do, along with play with some remote control cars. Then, they could get their picture taken with Santa for free. But, it was 2:00 when we were there and Santa didn't show up until 5:00. We thought we would miss him but had no idea we would be spending another 3 hours in the store. While we were looking around, Belle had an accident and her diaper leaked and soaked her pants. So I changed her and was just going to leave her in the diaper because we were going to leave but the kids saw Santa showup and insisted on going to see him. So we had to shop in the store for Belle some pants because I didn't want her to take a picture in just a diaper. Anyway, they took some pretty cute pictures and when Santa gave them a candy cane(even though none of them would talk to him) and a coupon for a free kids meal at the resteraunt there. Since it was already 6:00 and we were an hour away from home, we decided to use the coupons and eat at the restaurant. So, we didn't leave until almost 8:00. I had no idea we would spend a whole day in one store, but I think the kids had a lot of fun not only with Santa's workshop but also seeing all the animals and fish thoughout the store.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Confusion on the Blog!

Ok! So I'm already crazy with this blog. I've got Halloween pictures up and Christmas music playing and christmas colors. I guess I'm just getting a little excited about Christmas but I still wanted to post the kids Halloween pictures since it was only 2 days ago. I'm sure the Halloween pictures won't be on for long. I will probably be replacing them soon.

Happy Halloween!!

Kaleigha says, "I'm so beautiful. Just like a princess."
Belle thinks now that she has wings she should be able to fly like Tinkerbelle.

Cordale says, "Being Spiderman is COOL! Only if I can keep this mask from falling."

The 3 Monkeys had a wonderful Halloween. It was their first Halloween to really learn what it is all about.... And it didn't take them long to figure out the trick or treating. After Trunk or Treat at church on 10/24, then trick or treating at Preshool on 10/30, and trick or treating on 10/31. They got way to much candy and they think they need to go every night. Mom sure will be glad once all the candy is gone.

New to AZ

Ok so my wife decided to do this blog thing and I thought I might give it a try. I have only lived in AZ for about 13 months.
Growing up in UT I loved being able to drive 30 minutes and be in the mountains and being able to go camping, hunting, fishing or skiing. The last few years I have not been able to do as much of these great activities as I would like to have done.
Since moving to AZ I have been apprehensive about going and doing these things as I do not know the area or know anyone to go hunting with (not to mention missing the deadlines to draw out for permits). I really miss these activities and hope I can find a hunting buddy before the deer and elk hunts next year, and maybe with a little luck I will be able to draw out for the hunting permits. I also would like to try some hunting not available in UT such as javalina and turkey (although turkey has recently been added to the UT hunts). My brother that lives in TX says turkey hunting is great.
So if you know anyone looking for a hunting and shooting buddy let me know.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trying Something New

Ok! So I've decided to try something new and start a blog page for our family. Since all of our extended family lives so far a way, I thought this would be an easier way for both sides of the family to get updates about our family and also get updated pictures of the "3 Little Monkeys". One thing though, as I learn to blog you will have to just laugh with me and play along with all the crazy things I come up with. Hope you like this and find it much easier. I think I will.