Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on the surgery

Cordale's little surgery went great. They really took care of him at the Children's Hospital. Dennis ended up taking him and I stayed home with the girls because they were both sick. I was going crazy wonder what was going on the whole time but everything went smoothly. Upon checkin they gave Cordale a bag that had a big stuff squirrel in it, along with a doll of the forest ranger on Tarzan. He also got an Ugly Duckling coloring book with markers and a puppet. So they kept him quite entertained. They put him to sleep with Strawberry gas. He told me it smelled good mom. He also said he went to sleep in one room and woke up in another room. When he woke up, they gave him an "orange" popcicle(his favorite), and his own baby sippy cup with water. He felt really special. His joints are really swollen now but they said that should go down in about 24-48 hours and then he should be normal. So, now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that their are no more flareups. We did get a little bit of bad news yesterday though before the surgery, Cordale's medicine is started to effect his liver. So they have started him on some folic acid. The doctor said the folic accid should help fix that. He will be continually monitoring it. Hopefully all will go well and we will be able to just wean him of the meds and not have to worry about it. Keep your fingers crossed!