Monday, January 19, 2009

Cordale's Minor Surgery

Cordale has had some great improvement over the last couple of months. It has really been amazing to watch his improvements. But he is still experiencing some swelling and the doctor is worried it is going to start affecting his joints and stunt the growth at his age. So, he is scheduled for a minor surgery on Friday, 1/23/09. I say minor because I wouldn't really call it surgery. The doctor is just going to put an injection into his joints and draining the fluids. He has to do it in radiology because his joints are so small he needs the xray machine to guide him in the procedure. He will be doing his left middle finger, right thumb, left wrist, and right ankle joints. All of his other joints have currently healed. So that is good. Hopefully after this procedure, the joints will heal and then they will just have to wean him off his meds. There is still a chance he could have more outbreaks but there is also the other chance that this could be the end of the road. So of course we are praying for that. We appreciate all the prayers.