Thursday, February 26, 2009

WOW! I can't beleive I've neglected this website for the month of February. We have been busy. I have a ton of pictures I need to post and haven't yet. But first to give a little update on our month, (then I will post some pictures). We spent the first part of the month dealing with trying to keep Dennis' van running, but was unsucessful. We finally got an estimate on getting it fixed and found out it was going to cost us quite a bit more to fix it then it was worth. So after many prayers and thought we decided we were going to have to trade it in and get Dennis a reliable vehicle bacause it was just to hard working around one vehicle. (to many doctor appointments) Anyway Dennis is pretty happy now, he finally got his truck he has only wanted for years.

We also celebrated our 10th aniversary on the 12th. Can you beleive it? I still can't. It has gone by so fast. We had a wonderful celebration. We got a babysitter for the kids (first time the kids have stayed with someone besides family). Dennis first bought me 36red roses. Then took me out to eat dinner at a restaurant that you would only go to once in a life time because it is so expensive. But it was the best meal I have ever eaten. It was a wonderful evening. I thought I wouldn't even enjoy it because I would just worry about how the kids were doing but I will have to say that I never worried all night long and it was the most enjoyable night away from the kids. When we got back, the kids were sad the babysitter had to go home and they ask if she can come back all the time. So hopefully we will do this more often.

For Valentines day, Cordale and Kaleigha had a valentines party at the park with their preschool class that Belle and I got to attend. (Belle thought she was special to get to go) they learned all about exchanging valentine cards and decorate boxes to put them in. They just loved it.

Then, last week Cordale and Kaleigha had a field trip day at school and I went to help along with Belle. We went to a Farm. The farmer talked to them about different vegetables in his feilds and let them go out and pick these vegetables to take homse. The adults even got a grocery bag full. So we came home with 4 full bags of fresh vegetables. It was nice other then their are some vegetables I had to find out from mom how to cook because I have never cooked them before (like turnips and beets). The kids loved being able to eat them after I cooked them. After they picked veggies, they got to plant watermelon seeds with the farmer. Then, the farmer took them on a train ride made with a 4wheeler as the engine that pulled along these man made barrel seats. Then we all brought picnic lunches and set at picnic table for lunch. They had a fun playground for the kids to play on and also a corn mill they got to lay in and make corn angels. They had a blast.

Then, this last week I have spent my time sick. I have had strep throat and trying to keep the kids away from me and not get them sick has been quite challenging. I hope we have been successful. Dennis has had to stay home from work to play mister mom. I think he is ready to go back to work. It's much easier.

So that about sums up our month. I have a bunch of pictures to get posted so hopefully I will have time this week.