Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping at Pinegrove Campground by Mormon Lake

We finally took the kids on their first camping trip. We knew they would just love it doing the day but wasn't to sure how they would do when it got dark and going to bed. When it got dark, we had to have the lantern on because they didn't like just sitting by the campfire. They did surprise us though when it came time to go to bed. They were so excited to go to bed. they had no problem going in the tent by themselves, while Dennis and I stayed up by the campfire. We thought they would just play in the tent and not actually go to bed but they didn't. They went right to sleep. They also had their first experience of drinking a root beer straight from the can. I have always given it to them in a sippy cup. It was funny watching them try and figure it out. Belle didn't even want to try, she just got a straw. Kaleigha was sooo funny. She was trying to put both the bottom and top lip on top of the hole and slurp it out. She just had to laugh at herself when we told her to put her bottom lip on the side of the can and found out how easy it was. Cordale he got his lips on the can correctly but he didn't stand the can back up before moving it away from his mouth and spilled it down the front of him. I posted some pictures of this. We also had the opportunity to see a Doe come in the field behind our camp. The kids really thought that was cool. They also got to roast marshmallows. They weren't to sure of that because they didn't like getting close enough to the fire to cook it. So mom and dad ended up roasting for them. Then they figured out they didn't like them that way. They are much better just out of the bag. Maybe when they get older they will realise how good roasted marshmallows are. We had only planned on staying two nights but the kids liked it so much they begged to stay another night. So we did. They are already talking about our next trip camping. It was nice to get out of the heat and go some where cooler for a couple of days. I think we will be going camping a lot more.